Florida's state library web services

A new report entitled Public Libraries and the Internet 2006 has been issued by Florida State University's Information Use Management and Policy Institute. The findings indicate that public libraries have increased their response to public inquiries for government information with or without funding for the service. A number of interesting appendices to the report list state library initiatives to meet the needs of the public.


Law blogs in Florida

It's never too late to post a link to a Florida Bar News article on law blogging by Florida lawyers. The article is: "Lawyers in Blogland: law blogs are exploding and Florida lawyers are in on the action." Florida blogs mentioned in the article:


Florida rules web site

It's easier to access Florida administrative law with the new Florida eRulmaking web site. Not only does this site provide the traditional links to the Florida Administrative Code (FAC) and to the Florida Administrative Weekly (FAW), the rules are searchable. Searches can be done either by phrase or by rule number. The search results contain status information for the rule and a reference to where the rule is published in the FAW. The results include references to the FAW starting with the Jan. 6, 2006 issue. Public commentary on the rules can be made through this page. All of the important Florida administrative links can be found here.


Online records for Palm Beach County courts

Beginning October 17, 2006, Palm Beach County criminal and traffic court records will go online. The process is complicated, and has been in the works for over 10 years. The transfer of 3.5 million cases and 47 million docket entries will begin Sept. 30, 2006. Court business will be suspended with the exception of emergency matters such as previously scheduled trials, first appearances, mental health hearings, shelter and dependency hearings, arrest warrants, bond hearings, petitions for domestic violence, and payment of traffic tickets. The Palm Beach County court clerk's office is on the web at http://www.pbcountyclerk.com.


Florida is tops in digital counties

The Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties has released its list of most digital counties in the nation. Florida has many top ranking counties in the 2006 Digital Counties Survey. Orange County, Florida, is the number one digital county for counties with a population over 500,000. Miami-Dade County comes in 10th in the same category. For counties with a population between 250,000 and 499,999, Seminole County, Florida is 6th and Marion County, Florida is 10th. The winners were announced in this news release.


Report on Florida's Oceans

A Sept. 2006 issue paper, Florida's Coastal and Ocean Future, has been published by the National Resources Defense Council. The report is a result of the work of over 20 state and national organizations and others, making recommendations to government leaders for improving governance over Florida's coastal and ocean resources.

Contents include:
Chapter 1: Curb Unwise Coastal Development and Protect Valuable Coastal Habitats
Chapter 2: Reduce Coastal and Ocean Pollution
Chapter 3: Keep Offshore Drilling Away from Florida’s Coast
Chapter 4: Restore Marine Ecosystems, Ensure Robust Fisheries, and Protect Marine Species
Chapter 5: Reduce Global Warming Pollution
Chapter 6: Strengthen Ocean Governance


New chief justice for the Florida Supreme Court

Florida's Supreme Court has recently sworn in its 52nd Chief Justice, R. Fred Lewis. He is a graduate of the University of Miami law school and was a member of the Miami Law Review, so noted in his biography and on discourse.net. The "gavel" ceremony took place on June 30, 2006. The Florida Chief Justice serves a two-year term. For a look at how other states appoint or elect their judges, see: